New green city
Gulhi Falhu


Floating bridge

The bridge of Maldives design needs to answer to both the engineering challenges and the environmental challenges at this unusual site and stay within a reasonable budget.

A conventional design would implicate several big foundations at the sea bed which are not only costly and complex to build but also have a very negative impact on any life at the bottom of the ocean.

The design is inspired by the pond skater, an animal that can float on water using its four legs and light bodyweight

The floating bridge is an environment friendly answer to cope with the profound depths. The concept may be used for this assignment but also be applicable in the future to connect other islands and still preserve the qualities of the Maldives. The floating bridge is part of the Gulhi Falhu land development to connect the new born island the the neighbouring islands and Male.


X marks the spot

Kloosterdijk, The Netherlands

The eye of Maldives

Gulhi Falhu, Maldives

The Wave

Gulhi Falhu, Maldives