1st place architecture competition

Re-inventing the wheel

All Wheels or Eyes have capsules that provide short term shelter for its passengers; they revolve around a central axis, which is connected to an outer rim (like a bicycle wheel). Our Wheel revolves around a huge void, providing a dramatic and totally orginal profile. It consists of 2 different parallel rotating structures providing for a myriad of uses, from the traditional viewing platforms to hotel rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, shops, etc. On one side of the wheel is the fast rotating structure, which has a full rotating cycle of 30min. It contains 36 viewing capsules, which are projecting alone side the wheel, allowing maximum panorama.

On the other side of the wheel is the slow rotating structure, which has a full rotating cycle of 6 hours, with 24 large capsules embedded within the overal framework of the Wheel. These large capsules provide space for 9 rooms each or restaurants and swimming pools.

The slow rotation ensures smooth and vibrant free movement.Fast rotating lift that follows the profile of the Wheel ensure accesability of all capsules at each moment of the day. The Wheel houses 6 elevators of which 2 paths are remainde available for fire exit capsules located at each large capsule, ready to be used, like a safety boat on ships, in case of any emergencies

If there is any place on the earth where such challenging and design can be realised, it must certainly be Dubai.

The Wheel is carefully placed in the folds of the plinth structure. This building provides the necessary introductory and adjecent spaces such as a hotel lobby, retail, ticketing and entrance space for the viewing capsules. The profile of the plinth reflects the moving device for the Wheel proper. An endless snare ensures a supple, gentile and stable movement of the wheel. Well tested and secure technology lies at the base of this utterly innovative design.


Focus Vocality Academy

Barendrecht, The Netherlands

Floating bridge

Gulhi Falhu, Maldives

The eye of Maldives

Gulhi Falhu, Maldives